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Reach 10,000+ Sri Lankans who are hungry to create a better life

What if you could reach to a bunch of Sri Lankans who are hungry to be better?

Well, we can offer that.

Jump is an online platform that’s helping Sri Lankans to think beyond their “normal” life. We inspire and motivate Sri Lankans to start their own business, gain financial freedom and ultimately create a meaningful life.

Our audience is different. They are curious and dives deeper into what we share. They don’t visit our site expecting gossip or other unwanted news. They are here to learn and take actions to becoming better each day.

This is our reach and growth


Unique Monthly Visitors


Email Subscribers


Organic Facebook Followers


Content Shares on Social Media

Yes, we agree. Unlike other websites, we don’t have millions of monthly visitors. Also, we don’t have thousands of Facebook “fans.” So we’re not going to lie about it.

Our mission is not to increase site traffic or Social Media followers. We want to help Sri Lankans who are trying hard to create a better life for them. That leaves 99% of online users in Sri Lanka. We’re fine with that too.

Our readers are different. They directly come here to get actionable tips and life hacks so that they can become better than yesterday.

Here's how you can reach our audience

Powering a Segment

Sponsor an entire content segment in our website and get featured as our partner.

Featured Post

We can future your startup/company or your story in as a post in our website.

Post Sponsorship

Add a description of you as an intro and an outro in a post on the website.

Image and Video Ads

Add your image and video ads on our pages to get maximum visibility.

Email Newsletters

Recommend your products and services to 1000+ organic email subscribers.

Your Choice

Do you have a great idea to reach our audience? We are happy to try that too.

Now it's your call!

If you’re still not convinced or if you need further information, we’re happy to speak with you. Give us a call on +94 774597542 (Nishan).

If you’re feeling a bit shy, you can always email us at [email protected]

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